5 of the Most Amazing Destination Wedding Venues in the World

5 of the Most Amazing Destination Wedding Venues in the World

If traditional churches and posh Victorian manor houses don’t live up to your idea of a special wedding then how about one of these more unusual destinations for tying the knot?

1. The Great Wall of China

Do you want your wedding to be ‘out of this world’ but have no idea how you’d get to space? Then how about the next best thing: a location that can be seen from space. Get wed at the Great Wall of China and you can marvel at one of the wonders of the world while basking in the Asian heat.

2. Treehouse at The Lodge, Loch Goil, Scotland

If you’re a hopeless romantic and dream of a day that’s overflowing with cuteness then I doubt you can beat getting married in a tree house. Yes, we know, this is the stuff of dreams, but you really can get married in a tree house overlooking the Lock Goil in the Scottish Highlands. Plus you can squeeze 24 guests in there to enjoy the ceremony with you.

3. Burj Al Arab, Dubai

For an occasion that oozes with luxury and really is a one-off, there’s no better place than the world’s only 7* hotel. Situated on its own little island just off the beach of Dubai, this sail-shaped hotel is glamour at its best (and will also make a crater in your wallet). Hold your ceremony on the white sands or take a deep breath and brave the heights of an upper-floor room. When the day is over, you can continue enjoying the first-class service from your personal butler and take a dip in your very own bedroom Jacuzzi.

4. Lake Louise, Canada

Imagine this: the backdrop of the snowy, Rocky Mountains, the cool breeze of the air and the sight of a passing bear or deer – perfect. Canada’s Lake Louise is nestled deep up in the heights and is a prime spot for couples that want an ‘out there’ wedding. After you’ve braved the cold for some stunning shots, you can enjoy the day in a cosy alpine lodge with good food . Make the occasion even more of an adventure by taking a helicopter trip or by tying the knot before you ski down a mountain slope.

5. Ayers Rock, Australia

Can you handle the heat? Then how about a journey to the heart of Aussie’s outback for a wedding within view of the marvel that is Ayers rock. Is there anything more romantic than the sun setting and the stars beginning to sparkle as you tie the knot next to this natural wonder of the world? Neither will you and your guests spend the evening alone as there is plenty of wildlife to watch. For a wedding that’s at one with the outdoors, sleep rough for the night or bring all the luxury of a traditional affair to this unique spot in the desert.