8 Things No One Ever Tells You About Planning A Wedding

8 Things No One Ever Tells You About Planning A Wedding

Wedding planning is more than just booking a venue and buying a dress. The truth is, there are so many unexpected expenses, moments of stress, and issues with the families that can come into play.

We asked some top-notch wedding planners to share some of the top things brides might not know to expect during the planning process. Here are eight unexpected wedding planning tips that you NEED to know before you start picking elements for your special day:

1. It’s Easy to Forget About the Small Costs

No one ever tells you the small finances you need for wedding planning. Small things like signing for your guest sign in, or even tips for your vendors. “I always try and advise my clients to keep money aside for last minute details,” says Kim Sayatovic of Belladeux Events.

2. It’s Time Consuming

One of the big things no one ever tells you is how much time you actually need to set aside for all details of the planning, says Sayatovic. “Between updating the guest list, going to tastings, or even just picking up flowers, it takes a lot of time,” she continues.

3. DIY Doesn’t Always Pay

“The rise of DIY in weddings has become an amazing way to save money, but remember to be conscious of how you’re budgeting your time,” says Audrey Isaac of 100 Candles. “You think you’ll be able to do it all but quickly realize time is running out. Put in the effort to map out a timeline for each of your projects, otherwise, you could be stuck with the stress of unfinished decor or struggling to find a last-minute vendor if you’ve run out of time to organize menu options.”

4. You Will Have At Least One Meltdown

Wedding planning can be super stressful. Even as a grown adult you’ll have a couple of meltdowns throughout planning and that’s ok, everyone does.

5. Your Groom Will Get Stressed Too

While brides usually take on the majority of the wedding planning, the groom will also play a role–and that can put pressure on him and your relationship. Be sure to take time out from planning to spend some quality time together, and remember what the most important goal is for the day–the two of you committing to one another for the rest of your lives.

6. Parents Will Want a Say

Parents that pay, have a say, says Michelle Whyte of Ambiance Special Events. “You aren’t the only one with a vision for your wedding day. If parents are picking up the tab or you’ve arranged to share the cost of the big event, be ready and prepared to compromise on a few things. This will sometimes include venue, bar, and guest list,” she explains. “Your parents may have more than a few friends they’d like to be there to witness and share in your milestone, so be prepared to manage everyone’s expectations from the start to avoid headaches and disappointment.”

7. Some Guests Won’t RSVP

Is it rude that some guests won’t bother to RSVP for your big day? Absolutely, but take solace in that it happens to pretty much every couple. “RSVP chasing is the bane of every couple’s existence. You get so excited about sending out the invitations and then…crickets,” says Aleisha McCormack of Bridechilla.

8. You Might Forget to Enjoy the Day

“I always tell my clients that the wedding day goes by so fast, so it is really important to enjoy the day and relish all the many months of preparation that went into the one day,” says Brian Worley of Bold Design. “To often the night will fly by and the couple will say, ‘I didn’t even eat anything, I have not talked to half my guests, or I can’t believe that it is over and I didn’t get to do this or that.’  It is very important to know that no one knows that is going back of the house, or behind the scenes with the run of show for the wedding, so don’t dwell on that and let the evening unfold how it needs to and should.”