Best Spots for New Zealand Landscape Photography

Best Spots for New Zealand Landscape Photography

Every time I take my camera out to photograph landscapes, I realize how lucky I am to live in New Zealand.

In this article, I’ll share places to visit with your camera, and tips to make beautiful pictures of New Zealand.

Access and Gear For New Zealand Landscape Photography

The Māori name for New Zealand is Aotearoa. This means ‘Land Of The Long White Cloud’. When you’re shooting landscapes, those clouds aren’t always white.

New Zealand is known for experiencing four seasons in one day. This happens because of the mountains and surrounding sea.

This means there’s a new landscape around every corner. Become familiar with your camera’s manual settings.

Make a plan for the photograph you want to create, but have some tricks up your sleeve in case it all changes fast.

Essential Gear

Check you have everything before you venture into the wilderness.

You’ll find camera supply shops in most major New Zealand towns and cities. Head there for storage cards, extra lens caps, and batteries.

In more remote areas, you’ll be out of luck if you’ve forgotten equipment.

Don’t leave your hostel, motel, or tent without adding these things to your kit:

  • Tripod and shutter release for low light, long exposures, and super-sharp landscapes
  • Small waterproof bags for spare batteries and storage cards
  • A decent wide-angle and zoom lens, with lens hoods, if possible to prevent unwanted glare
  • Warm, waterproof clothes and shoes
  • Sunscreen – we have less ozone and pollution here to block out UV rays
  • Apps or field guides about New Zealand photography, flora and fauna, and Māori mythology so that you understand what you’re photographing.

Accessibility For Landscape Photographers in New Zealand

New Zealand has hundreds of well-maintained tracks that suit every photographer.

If you have limited mobility, or are photographing from a wheelchair or with a child in a stroller, look for tracks with paths that are on the flat’ with impressive views.

Use a zoom lens to capture the detail. This is a great way to show the drama of New Zealand’s scenery. And you won’t compromise on safety or accessibility. Landscape photography is something that should be for everyone.

For the more adventurous, stay overnight in a hut. You’ll see the landscapes in a range of moods and colors, and have a true New Zealand camping experience.

The Best Places to Photograph New Zealand Mountains

No matter where you are in New Zealand, there are always mountains within half a day of easy travel.

This accessibility (combined with the complete lack of snakes!) gives you the perfect mountain scenes to photograph.