Make Your Garden Beautiful by Garden Awnings

Make Your Garden Beautiful by Garden Awnings

Garden awnings are best way to protection from sunlight. It protects from rain, dust, hail and block sunlight up to 90% and its UV rays. Best ideal for gardens, parking, kids play and verandas. No additional tools required for its installation. It comes with different model and material. It’s easy to wash an clean and has long life. It allows air to pass.

Awnings are an ideal way to transform your patio area into an outdoor living space. They give you the ultimate control over light and shade and really come into their own in the summer months when the sun is hottest, creating a lovely shaded area to enjoy relaxing or dining alfresco, while protected from the sun.

Awnings aren’t just perfect for summer, in fact our range of accessories has been designed to keep your awning practical even when the sun isn’t shining. Choose integrated heating to keep you warm and cosy in cooler temperatures, or lighting to help you enjoy the outdoors into the evening.

Different Design and Materials

You can choose different design and material of garden awnings. It comes with high quality fabric which has long life. Control the intense heat of the midday sun with ease. The fabric designs are the best in them. It has ropes to installation. You should take care in ensuring you chose the right material and features to ensure it provides the shade and protection you want.

Awning types

  • You can find Semi cassette awnings that the semi cassette is the only design possible and the arm design is such they cannot be contained 100%
  • Full cassette awning is a total enclosed awning cassette where the roller, fabric cover and arms are completely protected and stored in a closed cassette when fully retracted.
  • If the location for installation is well protected then open cassette awnings are a good way of shading.

Usage of Awnings

These garden awnings can be used for anything, from creating controllable sun particular garden, room or sun protection and an outdoor area to sit underneath or for many people a retractable system to enable some protection from rainfall in our very changeable environment. These awnings have been made developed in a climate so similar to our own and this makes them ultimately the best “fit for purpose” solution and specifications.

Live Your Standard

Any of the garden awnings are a solid investment for your home that will last for many years to come. You can relax knowing you have the very latest in material and construction technology and only the highest quality components are used when manufacturing your awning.